A Day in the Life of Emma Pickard: Account Director

Emma Pickard - Seller Presto

Meet Emma…

Emma Pickard’s career journey is a thrilling mix of in-house and agency-based marketing and eCommerce roles. She kicked things off at Psyche, a Middlesbrough-based premium fashion retailer, in back 2012, spending five pivotal years there before a stint at Pink Boutique, another North East eCommerce success story. 

Following a team shake-up, she moved to Visualsoft, where she worked her way up through the Account Management department to become an Account Director. 

After a break for maternity leave, Emma decided a change was in order and landed at Seller Presto, bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to our vibrant, close-knit team.

A Peek into Emma’s Daily Routine

Emma’s day starts with the absolute essential: two cups of coffee, a must for any mum with a toddler. Once she’s sufficiently caffeinated, she dives into her emails, organises her tasks for the day, and colour-codes them in her calendar to keep everything in check. A gal after our own hearts! 

Mornings are all about managing ongoing client projects. Whether it’s onboarding new clients or tackling bigger jobs like listing new products and updating ads, Emma ensures everything runs smoothly. 

The rest of the day involves checking ad performances for her clients, making tweaks where needed, and maintaining outstanding communication with the team and client base.

Why Emma Chose Seller Presto

After years at a large agency, Emma was ready for a change. 

The appeal of a smaller independent company with more flexibility and varied clients was too good to resist. Knowing our founder, Graeme, from her account management days at Visualsoft made the transition even easier and a total no-brainer. 

The dynamic, fast-paced and flourishing environment at Seller Presto, with its fresh challenges and new pace, has kept Emma energised and enthusiastic.

The Best Bits of the Job

Emma loves the nitty-gritty details. Working with a smaller client base means she can devote ample time to each one, helping them grow and succeed. 

The constantly evolving world of Amazon marketing is “like a puzzle she enjoys piecing together” and the everyday challenges keep her on her toes, making every day an exciting learning experience.

Emma’s Hot Take

Prime Days really are a golden opportunity for retailers — Be sure to grab them with both hands! 

Emma stresses the importance of organic performance. Sprucing up your listing content with snazzy graphics and an eye-catching main image can work wonders for visibility and engagement. While ad performance is key, don’t overlook the power of well-crafted, organic content.

Advice for Aspiring Amazon Marketers

“Go for it! Sometimes the grass truly is greener,” says Emma. 

Amazon’s growth shows no signs of slowing down and understanding the marketplace’s ins and outs is becoming increasingly vital and an attractive skillset for digital employers. 

For those thinking of jumping into this field, Emma’s advice is simple: embrace the challenge and ride the wave of opportunity.

Emma’s story shows just how exciting a career in Amazon marketing can be. At Seller Presto, she navigates the role with skill and enthusiasm, proving that with the right mix of passion and strategy, the sky’s the limit!

Discover more about Seller Presto, our why and our offering over on our About page. If you’re seeking more insights into the intricacies of Amazon marketing and our approach, check out the rest of the Blog archive.

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