Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Management for Amazon Sellers

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Full-Service Amazon DSP Management for Amazon Sellers

Amazon’s ‘Demand-Side Platform’ allows you to buy ad placements not available on the Sponsored products platform and leverage programmatic bidding to reach new and existing customers on and off Amazon.

Amazon DSP leverages their huge data this to enable advertisers to run extremely targeted display ads on and off Amazon, reaching Amazon shoppers who visit your product detail pages but don’t convert.

It allows you to reach, educate and re-engage potential customers at every stage of the shopping journey.

Benefits of Seller Presto DSP Management

  • Work with an Amazon Approved Advertising Partner (2023 Amazon ads awards finalist)
  • A team with experience of Amazon ads since it’s inception
  • Increase your brand reach and awareness
  • Generate new-to-brand customers

The Seller Presto Approach

  • We utilise placements only on Amazon & Amazon mobile
  • We target warm audiences with high intent
  • We optimise based on ROAS

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Client Success Stories

Introducing a new product into a highly competitive market – Lean With Lilly

The strategies and results used in this case study culminated in Seller Presto being named as finalists in the 2023 Amazon Partner Advertising...

Services included:

  • Ads Management for Amazon (AMZ)

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Beard Kings

Building an Amazon business for a promising startup – Beard King

Beard King is an established Amazon Seller based in the US. We managed their Amazon Ads completely and doubled revenue in month one whilst reducing their Amazon Cost of Sale (ACoS) from 19% to 15% by utilising our specialist expertise and tailored bid strategies.

Services included:

  • Consultation for Amazon
  • Ads Management for Amazon (AMZ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much monthly revenue do I need on Amazon to start DSP?

At least 70k per month

What kinds of products work best with DSP?

Consumable products with repeat buyers

How many page views per month do I require for DSP?

At least 3000 per month

Is DSP suitable for product launches?


What Price point of products work best with DSP?

At least £25

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