Lilly Sabri asked us to introduce a new product into a highly competitive market

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The strategies and results used in this case study culminated in Seller Presto being named as finalists in the 2023 Amazon Partner Advertising Awards, finishing in the top three for the EMEA Challenger category.

To learn more about Seller Presto’s journey to the finals, visit our insights page Seller Presto’s New York Adventure.

The problem…

Lean with Lilly introduced a new Greens supplement in the highly competitive Amazon UK marketplace. They faced challenges from established brands with extensive customer reviews and listings over five years old.

This competition led to high advertising costs of sales (120%) during the initial launch month, making it unprofitable for the brand in the long term.

The client needed to boost monthly sales within a restricted £15 daily ad budget while optimizing the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) month over month.

The solution…

  • The strategy involved a thorough analysis of the category to identify niche long-tail keywords, maximising the limited ad budget.
  • We leveraged the brand’s significant social media following to create defensive targeting campaigns on Amazon, focusing on branded terms like “Lean with Lilly Greens Powder.” This targeted potential Amazon shoppers already familiar with the brand.
  • We created discovery campaigns with broad and phrase targeting, alongside automated keyword harvesting to transition search terms from top to bottom funnel campaigns.
  • Share of voice tracking was used to monitor and optimize the brand’s digital presence for key keywords such as “super green powder” and “superfood daily greens”.
  • Insights from share of voice tracking and hourly marketing stream data informed the advertising strategy, including ad scheduling using Amazon Marketing Stream for bid adjustments based on hourly performance patterns.
  • Implementing search term negation automation to reduce ad spend on high-click but low-order terms.
  • Automation was used for bid adjustments, keyword harvesting, and campaign launches.

The results…

The campaign significantly improved the brand’s market position:

  • The Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) dramatically decreased from 120% to 17.83% from September to April 2023.
  • Advertising revenue for the product experienced a large increase of 11105%, rising from £41.64 to £4665.67.
  • The share of voice for hero keywords improved substantially, increasing from less than 1% to over 5% in search results.

These strategic initiatives led to better visibility and profitability for the brand, effectively meeting the client objectives.




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