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Helping a Dragon’s Den Winner Nimble Babies Improve Brand Awareness and Revenue on Amazon

Nimble is the producer of child-friendly cleaning products, as seen on Dragon’s Den, with a goal to create gentle yet powerful plant-based cleaning products that are safe and sustainable. After securing joint investment from three Dragons, Nimble came to us for help with its Amazon presence and overall sales performance.

The Problem..

Nimble wanted to reach a wider audience on Amazon, getting their plant-based cleaning products out to more customers. To maximize reach, it was important to adapt marketing efforts to Nimble’s core target audience (parents) and find a way to elevate the brand’s unique story.

The Solution..

We worked with Nimble, delivering solutions in four main phases:

  • Optimised Amazon listing pages 

With mums and parents in mind, our team conducted relevant keyword research for this customer group. We then created engaging, on-brand, and keyword-rich copy, addressing the pain points of new mothers or fathers looking for safe yet effective cleaning products. 

We also improved the on-page shopping experience with infographics and videos to clearly demonstrate product ingredients and usage instructions.

  • Sponsored brand campaigns 

We used Amazon Sponsored Brands to boost Nimble’s brand visibility via targeted keywords. We instilled clear messaging as well as consistent, bright and clear graphics to ensure the brand was accurately represented. 

  • A+ Content generation 

To promote the brand further, we optimised A+ content on all listings. First, we created an A+ Content template, then we made variations for each product. This format was our secret weapon in delivering consistent and clear brand messaging to potential customers. Adding that human element to form a better emotional connection, we included a banner about the brand story and shared the company’s journey and mission for creating child-safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. 

  • Wider targeted campaign

Our goal was to target new customers and get the Nimble brand noticed by the right people. This meant focusing the campaign on new mums and targeting keywords that this customer group would be searching for – not just keywords related to the product. We also registered the product range to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, which encouraged customers to make repeat purchases at a discount. 

The Results..

Not only were we able to make new parents shopping on Amazon aware of the brand, but our listing optimisation led to increased conversions. This saw Nimble triple its Amazon revenue…

400% revenue growth in six months 

New customer acquisition and increased brand awareness 

Increased basket size for customers


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