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Beard Kings
  • Consultation for Amazon
  • Ads Management for Amazon (AMZ)

Established US brand, Beard King, came to us for expert Amazon consultation and ads management support. After appearing on the American business reality TV show, Shark Tank, they wanted to improve their advertising campaigns, with a goal to expand customer reach and grow sales.

The problem…

Although Beard King had already been running their own advertising campaigns, it became clear that they weren’t getting the results they wanted. This is where we came in, bringing a goal-driven ad strategy to the table.

Our solution…

In order to optimise campaigns, we delivered the following services:

Keyword research and planning

We conducted new keyword research to discover more opportunities and split them into different match types. This ensured that we could target broad, phrase, and exact match, widening the advertising reach and connecting the brand with relevant customers.

Negative keyword strategy

To improve return on advertising spend and mitigate irrelevant keywords, we created a strategy for negative keywords. These words stop ads from appearing in search results, so by removing these we could maximise keyword targeting and achieve better Amazon rankings.

Ad spend management

We set a target ACOS (advertising cost of sales) for each ad group and increased and decreased bids accordingly to reduce overall ad spending. At the same time, we were able to boost revenue for high-performing keywords.

Targeted brand ads

By creating brand ads with targeted brand keywords, we amplified Beard King’s advertising presence within the marketplace. This meant customers would find products easily when they searched for the brand name, preventing competitors from appearing in the top positions.

Wider targeted campaigns

Through broader targeted campaigns using related customer search terms, we introduced the brand to a whole new audience of people shopping for similar products to do with beard care.

Strategy for retargeting

Additionally, we used display targeting to reconnect with customers – both on and off Amazon – who had previously interacted with the brand. We also targeted audiences with relevant interests in this product area, such as people on beard care blogs and websites.

The results

As well as getting the brand and its product range seen by more people, we also helped Beard King increase its Amazon revenue threefold.     

100% increase in revenue 

Reduced Amazon Cost of Sale (ACoS) from 19% to 15%

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