Launching a Thrilling New Football Board Game on Amazon – Football Billionaire

Football Billionaire -As seen on Dragons Den
  • Ads Management for Amazon (AMZ)
  • Account Management for Amazon

Revolutionizing the football gaming industry: Billionaire Board Games came to us requiring help in launching their thrilling new board game, Football Billionaire onto the Amazon platform.

The Problem…

With Christmas fast approaching, Billionaire Board Games sought our expertise to devise a maximum impact strategy for the launch of their football board game, Football Billionaire.

Our Solution…

We researched the target audience, parents of children aged 6 and upwards to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points regarding the purchase of board games.

This allowed us to tailor the images, bullet points and A+ content to appeal to their interests. We also provided a brief overview of the game’s theme and gameplay mechanics, describing how the game is played, how many players can participate, and the recommended age range.

To help build up the review rating we also sent customers a review request after purchase.


To gain maximum exposure in the build-up to Christmas we used a three pronged strategy that included the following:

  1. Campaigns focused on keywords closely related to the product such as “Football board game” and “Football monopoly”
  2. Campaigns focused on broader keywords that we identified the target audience would be interested in such as “football”, “board games” and “gifts for boys”.
  3. Product targeting campaigns focused on complimentary products that we identified that the target audience would be interested in such as football kits and other children’s board games.

The Results…

  • 12,000 units sold during the first 6 months
  • Advertising ROAS over 3
  • Over 50 positive reviews

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