Get Set for Amazon Prime Day 2024

Amazon Prime Day 2024

Prime Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t started planning, now is the time to do it. By ensuring you’re prepared for the influx of traffic and optimising your listings, you can reap the rewards of Amazon Prime Day 2024.

Prime Day is a fantastic opportunity for sellers to get an uptick in sales, not only to boost their bottom line, but also to get more brand awareness, hopefully to increase future sales and loyalty.

Here is our complete guide on getting set for Prime Day 2024, with tips on seasonal keyword research, advice on advertising bids and budgets, using discounts, and forecasting stock effectively.

Our Little Secret for Finding Seasonal Keywords

Keyword planning with seasonal keyword research can be extremely useful if you want to know what worked in previous years. Have you ever wanted to look back at old keywords for Christmas, Prime Day, Father’s Day etc. but couldn’t find a way?

At Seller Presto, we use Helium 10 to do just that. Helium 10 is an Amazon seller software, which includes a tool called Cerebro that brings back up to 24 months of data with its ‘Historical Trend’ feature. You can find any ASIN with organic and sponsored rankings, along with search volume history.

This data is a goldmine for uncovering untapped high-volume keywords that your competitors haven’t caught wind of yet.

We have provided an example below to show you exactly what to do when using the software. In this example, Amazon seller Carrie wanted to see how the viral Tineco Vacuum Mop did on Prime Day last year with Prime Day specific Keywords…

  1. First, the seller did a single reverse ASIN search for the ‘Tineco Mop’, then clicked on the ‘Historical Trend’ Button.

Helium 10 Cerebro Historical Trend How To 1

  1. On the historical trend graphs, you will want to click on the month of Prime Day. Carrie selected July 2023 which is when Prime Day occurred last year, then clicked ‘apply filters’.

Helium 10 Cerebro Historical Trend How To 2

  1. Next, she filtered for keywords that include the word ”Prime” to find Prime Day specific keywords. At this stage, it’s also worth filtering for other words like “deals”, “coupons” etc. to find additional key phrases.
  2. After clicking on ‘Apply Filters’, you will be taken to a list of historical keywords that are relevant to Amazon Prime Day.

Helium 10 Cerebro Historical Trend How To 3

Armed with this list of historical, event-specific keywords, you can get a head start with optimisation. Many of your competitors won’t even know that this historical data can be found, giving you the competitive edge when Amazon Prime Day lands.

Imagine finding these keywords that your competitors don’t have access to – with Helium 10 and Cerebro, you can optimise tried and tested keywords, run effective ads and crush it on Prime Day this year!

Optimise Listings for Amazon Prime Day 2024

After conducting keyword research, you will need to optimise your listings in the right way. Here are our top tips on effective Amazon listing optimisation, ready for Prime Day!

  • Audit your listings

One of the most important steps you can take when optimising product listings is to do an audit. This will show you if there’s anything you’ve missed that can be improved on immediately. Check your product listing title, bullet points, images and product description just to be sure they are correct and up to date.

  • Optimise with Prime Day keywords

Use your keyword research to optimise your listings. If you have already done some SEO on these pages, it may be a case of simply weaving in a few additional keywords or completely rewriting. How much editing is required depends on what you find in the audit. If the copy is very outdated, it may take more time to make all the necessary changes.

  • Improve your bullet points

The bullet points can make a big difference to conversion so make sure these are included in your edit and make time to improve on these if needed. Focus on benefits, not just features. Start with a strong bullet to capture a buyer’s attention, and end with a strong one too. Plus, you can add numbers for credibility (for instance, don’t just write “long battery life” – specify the number of hours for clarity).

  • Spruce up your Amazon Storefront too

As well as optimising your listings, you should also get to work on your Storefront if you have an Amazon Brand Store. Your Storefront is a way of establishing your brand identity, and Amazon Prime Day 2024 is a good opportunity to reach new customers and get your name out there. This page is also a powerful SEO asset, helping you rank higher in product searches. You should also make sure you highlight your best-selling products on the Prime ASIN Push Page so you can boost sales during the event.

  • Split test A+ content

If you have A+ content on your product pages, it may be worth using the split testing feature to find out what’s better at converting.

Advertising Bids, Budgets and Dayparting

In addition to improving your product pages, you will also want to level up your marketing. This is a good time to review your PPC campaigns.

When it comes to running effective ads for Amazon Prime Day, we recommend increasing your budgets by 100% and bids by 50%. Prime Day is known for its record-breaking global sales figures, with Prime members buying more than 375 million items worldwide in 2023.

There’s also the fact that shoppers who don’t usually shop regularly on Amazon may head over to the site on Amazon Prime Day 2024 to find deals and discounts.

We also recommend turning off any ad scheduling and dayparting. This is because customers shop all day during these periods, so there is no need to run ads at specific times to yield the best results.

Running Discounts on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day discounts

If you want to maximise conversions on Amazon Prime Day, the best thing to do is offer customers multiple ways to save.

It’s worth noting that some sellers don’t offer any discounts at all, and still receive an uptick in sales due to the increased traffic. However, deals and promotions can make a huge difference. Here are the different ways you can run discounts on the day:

1. Amazon Prime Day Deals

Sellers have until 3rd May 2024 to submit deals to have a chance to be selected for Prime Day week. This is now closed.

2. Prime Exclusive Discount

This is offered to Amazon Prime customers only. When a Prime customer shops, they will see the regular price crossed out and a new discounted price and percentage saved. To set up this discount in Seller Central, you will need to go to the Advertising tab and then click on ‘Prime Exclusive Discounts’.

3. Coupons

A coupon lets customers know that you’re offering discounted prices. It’s hard for customers to miss as it shows up as a bright green tag next to the price on the product detail page. This means they don’t have to go hunting around for deals on a separate page, which can enhance the customer experience for those who have already found your listing.

4. Set up a promotion

Create a variety of different promotions on Seller Central, such as “Buy one get one free” offers. You also have the option to create custom promo codes for social media, as well as a custom marketing page to send people to from other channels.

But how much do you need to sell to make a discount worthwhile?

When it comes to discounting products, it’s important to bear in mind that the goal is to increase sales to make the discount worth it.

For instance, if you discount products by 50%, you’ll need a 100% increase in sales to make back the costs. However, it’s not always about the sales value – sales velocity is one of the best ways to increase your rankings on Amazon so increasing the number of sales is hugely beneficial to your listings.

Using Amazon Transparency

The Amazon Transparency program has been designed to protect brands (and their customers) from counterfeits. Through this program, every unit is authenticated with unique serial codes. For a lot of brands on Amazon, this has helped to increase revenue because shoppers are confident in what they are buying.

For Amazon Prime Day 2024, having Amazon Transparency in place means setting yourself up for better conversions – and not just because of counterfeits! This is because third-party sellers can send your branded stock to FBA, which means they will take a portion of your Prime Day sales.

But with Amazon Transparency, customers who have concerns over real vs. counterfeit products are able to verify products on the Transparency app before they make a purchase. This means any new customers you could potentially acquire are more likely to shop with you.

Not only does this boost your sales during Prime Day and other events, but it can mean increasing brand loyalty as customers get their unique authentication and barcode upon receiving the product itself.

All codes are generated by Amazon and are meticulously managed to prevent duplication, providing an added sense of security for shoppers. So they will be more likely to buy from you again, as they can be 100% confident that they are buying the real deal. As a result, brands can increase both sales and customer loyalty during events like Amazon Prime Day 2024.

The Transparency program operates globally, covering a number of countries at the moment, including the United States, Canada, and the UK. With the program, you will also be able to monitor effectiveness, with insights into any counterfeit activities and tracking of prevented units.

Prime Day 2024 Stock Forecasting

Amazon Prime Day inventory management

I’m mentioning this last, but stock forecasting for Amazon Prime Day 2024 is definitely something you should do in advance. The very first thing sellers need to be doing before any Prime Day event is checking they have the stock in the first place.

At Seller Presto, we use a stock system that looks back at historical sales and accounts for potential uplifts like Prime Day and other events.

If you fulfil through FBA, you’ll want to make sure you also check any capacity limits in place. With the new capacity limits, sellers can now forecast their inventory up to three months before. And for FBA, it’s important to ship as early as you can to avoid any delays.

If you’ve missed the boat – or perhaps your FBA capacity limits are too low – you can still create FBM offers on your listings and fulfil these orders yourself (or through a third party).

You’ll be able to include both FBA and FBM fulfilment methods under one ASIN on Seller Central. By doing this, you can ensure that if your FBA stock runs out, your FBA offer will then automatically go to the Buy Box.

Need support for Amazon Prime Day or other holiday sales / events on Amazon? At Seller Presto, we have years of experience increasing sales for our clients. We can conduct keyword research, provide listing creation and optimisation and handle all your advertising needs.

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