What is an Amazon Storefront? And Why Do You Need One?

Did you know that there are nearly two million small-to-medium sized businesses selling goods on Amazon?

If you’re one of these sellers, it’s important to find a way to stand out from the competition – and an Amazon Storefront is one way you can boost your brand’s visibility.

This unique feature is designed specifically for SMBs, which is great for getting your products seen. What’s even better is that it’s a free, do-it-yourself solution that gives you the flexibility and freedom to design as many pages as you want.

Here’s everything you need to know about what the Amazon Brand Storefront entails, who can set one up, how to get started, and more importantly – why you need one if you want to increase product sales!

What is an Amazon Storefront?

Launched back in 2018, Storefronts is a separate section where Amazon shines the spotlight on small businesses, often featuring curated collections of unique product ranges. For the shopper, this means being able to enjoy a unique browsing experience where they can support small brands and have more intimate interactions through the marketplace.

For brands, it means being able to reach a ready audience, one that is interested in buying from independent businesses just like yours.

With Amazon Storefront, you get to create a multiple-page store that showcases your entire product collection in one single location. Plus, you’ll be able to fully customise your store with logos and branding, making it an excellent way to build your brand reputation and boost brand awareness.

Benefits of Amazon Storefronts for brands

In addition to reaching the type of shoppers who are keen to support small businesses over big-name brands, there are many other advantages to consider. Here are some of the top benefits of Amazon storefront setup:

  • Maximum visibility for your products

An Amazon Brand Storefront helps you gain more visibility by placing all of your products in one place. This encourages further browsing, increases interaction with your brand, and may inspire people to come back to your store at a later date (even if they are not ready to buy there and then).

  • Increase product sales

By appealing to an audience that wants that unique shopping experience that is only possible with independents and small, family-run stores, you can bolster sales and gain opportunities to upsell or cross-sell.

  • Boost brand loyalty and get repeat sales

Storefronts are all about providing a one-of-a-kind experience that customers love. Being a part of this places your brand at the forefront, helping you connect with shoppers at a deeper level. This, in turn, generates return sales and leads to more brand loyalty. Not only are loyal customers more likely to leave shining reviews and act as brand ambassadors by spreading the word, but they’re more likely to choose you over other competitors selling similar products.

  • Improve organic rankings on Amazon SERPs

Another benefit of Storefronts is the potential to improve your search rankings on Amazon. This is particularly advantageous for new product launches, which can be costly to advertise as you need to actively build your Amazon SEO ranking from scratch. With Storefronts, you’ll be able to create Sponsored Product ads for new items and jump the queue on the search results. Plus, Amazon Stores are actually searchable off-site, meaning people can stumble across your shopfront through a Google search!

  • Gain valuable store insights

Your Storefront will come with an analytics feature, giving you access to powerful data about how and when your customer’s shop. Discover sales data, traffic sources and other stats that can help you create an action plan for improvement.

Who is eligible for Storefronts?

Sellers, vendors, and agencies can open an Amazon Brand Storefront but must be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. The Amazon Brand Registry is a free program designed to help protect brands, their intellectual property, and their product content – so we definitely recommend doing this even if you aren’t planning on creating an Amazon Storefront. In order to be included, you will need a registered and active text-based or image-based trademark.

By enrolling on the Brand Registry, you will also gain access to other Amazon features, such as A+ Content and a seller dashboard that allows you to search for and file claims against any copyright or trademark infringements.

How to set up an Amazon Storefront:

Setting up an Amazon Brand Storefront can be done in a few simple steps

  1. Join the brand registry

Only members of Amazon’s Brand Registry can create a Storefront, so the first step is to get your brand registered using a trademark.

  1. Create your store

Select the ‘Stores’ tab from your Amazon Seller Central dashboard to begin creating your Storefront. Add your logo and add your brand name (limited to 30 characters).

3. Write a Meta description

Just like a normal webpage, your Storefront will appear in Google search results. So add a meta description that hooks people in and encourages them to click through to your store.

  1. Start designing 

Use the easy drag-and-drop editor to build your Storefront’s design. You can use a range of templates for ease – or you can use the editor to adapt different templates for a completely unique layout.

  1. Add multiple pages

Create as many pages as you like by clicking on the ‘Add a page’ option and then choosing a template design.

  1. Submit your Storefront

Once you’ve added all your product pages, you can preview and submit your Storefront. The Amazon review process usually takes around 72 hours. Be sure to check Amazon’s content guidelines to ensure your submission is approved the first time.

Need help setting up your Amazon Store?

While setting up an Amazon Storefront can be quite straightforward thanks to the no-code editor, it can also be time-consuming. Furthermore, if you don’t have any experience, it can be hard to know how to create a Storefront that really sells. This is where we come in, Seller Presto can help you create a great Amazon Storefront that generates better sales for your business.

At Seller Presto, we offer an Optimised Store Setup service to get your brand and products seen by your target audience. To find out more about how we can support your Amazon business, get in touch today.

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